Technology Optical Characteristics



Supply voltage Vcc

2.12 to 5.25

Current consumption Icc

MAX. 14mA

MAX. 40mA

Optical-fiber connection optical power output PC

MIN. -21dBm

Reception photoelectric power PC -

MIN. -24dBm

Jitter △tj

TYP. 1ns

Operating transmission speed T

MAX. 20Mbps(NRZ signal, 50% duty cycle)

Operating temperature Topr

-20 to +70℃

High level input voltage VIH

MIN. 2.0V

Low level input voltage VIL

MAX. 0.8V


High level output voltage VOH -

MIN. 3.5V

Low level output voltage VOL -

MAX. 0.4V

Rise time tr -

MAX. 30ns

Fall time tf -

MAX. 30ns

Low-High delay time tPLH

MAX. 100ns

High-Low delay time tPHL

MAX. 100ns